Vampire Through the Ages

March 30 2010 (the battle begins)

The representative from clan Lasombra, who turned out to be Bishop John Paulson sire, who is a bigger ass than the last time we met with him. But he did provide us with information about the rest of the world and tried to talk his clan out of the upcoming conflict. Garabaldi gave his finial orders for the upcoming battle and told us that some of the normal rules would be relaxed as long as we were victorious. We bagan with a direct frontal assualt with some sucess. After a run in with a group of archers we made our way through a magical doorway and into the shadowlands. The building in the shadowlands was truely horrific. After a brutal fight with a group of hell hounds we learned that if we destroyed the guardians, the ghost of the place would rise up and support us. Our encounter with the ghostly guardians left both Brock Samson and Yos in a bad way. The spirits revolted and greatly disrupted the defences of the Lasombra. We spoke to a lady resident of the shadowlands and she praised us for freeing the ghosts from their prison and gave us a detailed map of the interior of the tower.



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