Vampire Through the Ages

March 2, 2010 before the storm

(Now working from more detailed notes so will try to actually do the log) In order to get the proof against the Lasombra we launched a raid against a group of ghouls. Using a well thought out plan we cause a distraction using a swarm of rates summoned by Sir Phillip Avilion of Canterbury to great effect. The raid was brutally effective and the deaths were unpleasent (Yos lost some humanity for his part in the fight, mainly due to the influences of his clan. We acquired the scroll and made our escape before the forces of the holy order arrived. the group passed on the scroll to the nosferatu. Upon returning to garabaldi’s estate we met a new torador (Lady Alis). In private we gave Garabaldi a report on the recient operations. Later Lady Alis provided us with useful information on the Tzimisce. An agent of the Nosferatu arrived at council and rewarded the group for its recient efforts.Among the various rewards was an enchanted blade named ‘bloodhunger’. We learned that the demon needs to make his big sacrafice soon but it was late in the evening and day was fast approaching. Upon waking to the chaos of a fire we quickly learned that a force of ghouls attacked during the day and caused some damages. This did have the positive effect to get the ventrue firmly on our side. We spoke to our other allies and learned that the mages were going to support us with some strong magics that they were preparing. They talked about a rise in the magic in the area. The Garou told use that they had brought in a very large pack of some 27 new lupines a group to clean the corruption, and worm taint. Soon we would make out move and have our finial confrontations with that dam demon.



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