Vampire Through the Ages

June 1, 2010 Forebodings of Doom and the Church of Cain

Session 37

while still under the assumption that we still had enemies actively searching for us we went to the warehouse district to draw them out. While we were pokeing around we noticed that there was a Heavy veil of magic around a deserted which at first we thought it was simply haunted. The Coterie explored the building and worked their way past many nasty traps. These traps would have killed most non vampires that encountered them. We found a cache of master quality weapons from all around the world and a dynamic mosaic of Cain and Abel with Cain holding Adels still bleeding heart. Driven to lick the magical stone the coterie was filled with incredibly potent blood. This made all of us stronger in our blood. We entered a room and found a neverending "mass of Cain" being lead by an ancient blind vampire and a chours of animated(?) women. We learned much about the mythology of the "shrine of cain", and some of it is pretty forboding. After we had left the shrine Yos was overcome by visions of great pain and then the coterie was attacked by two magical beasts that were very powerful. The battle was hard and some members frenzied, but we were victorious (For now, log by Yos)



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