Vampire Through the Ages

April 14, 2009 - Closing Down the Heretic

Session 6

The party finds not only Hector, but a stash of artifacts under the old church overlooking the sea in Lincoln.  The party faces some tough choices.


my notes. We were summoned by the prince(Mithris?) and sent to deal with Hecktor the heritic. referred to as an odd ball cappadocian. We tracked him to the northern area near lincon. We had a haven set up for us. It appeared that we would have to take him down in order to complete the mission. Had a run in with one of the local nossy’s named willie. Also met and made our presents known to the local lord Brennen. Bishop John held a service and Hector made an appearance. We tracked him down a long shaft and found a large open cavern with many treasures. Among them was the (spear of destiny) We fought Hector and the clan founder of clan salubri showed up and used the spear to great effect


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