Vampire Through the Ages

March 3, 2009 - A New Host of Trials

Session 3

The Party meets (and battles) werewolves, faeries, and a mage and his magics in one night!  Brock develops his love for horses, Sir Philip sends an innocent horse to its death, and the group has to fight an entire tower and its mage master.


Here are my notes from these early nights. They will be in list form as i dont remember the details and all of the references. quest- find the source of knights power? followed and odd path had a run in with some of the we folk, in a field i think and they made us look bad fight with lupines and nor wolves i think remember john made one flee and some party fed off of were wolves found an old magic sword (sword of Verbin) and some gold learned more about Mithris had an encounter with a mage from the order of technocris and his stone golem (I think we ran away) I think we learned that the mage was powering the knight we were on our way back when we were attacked by hounds that chased us through a field sheltered in an abandon monistary where we met a salubri healer that healed us ended with the fight with the crimson hoursemen


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