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  • Yos sheet

    Yos's bio

    Yos Tremic was a soldier in the first crusade and quickly rose to the rank of sergeant. while in a heavy battle he through himself in front of a lord and recieved a near mortal wound. He lived but the wound would never fully heal. Heavly scared from …

  • Yos's enchantments and equipment of note

    * * *Yos's Garou skin cloak* * Acquired in a naval encounter from a rank 5 metis Get of Fenris shaman. The runal, ritualistic scarring caught Yos's attention. Using his Mortis Discipline and under the watchful eye of his mentor Yos was able to …

  • Yos

    Yos is proud to bear the scars of the first Crusade.  A tall, fit man appearing to be in his thirties, he has an ugly scar running down the side of his face from his eye down his cheek, and he occasionally flinches fromt he phantom pain of a deep …

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