Vampire Through the Ages

June 15, 2010 All-Star Monster 'Rasslin'
Session 38

The fact that Yos was spending his days with the Nosferatu most likely saved his life as the Giovanni moved against clan Cappadocian. The coterie arrived at Garabaldes to find it in chaos with many missing kindred. The Nosferatu scout arrived with information and the number of missing kindred. We were sent to the Manfreedy estate to investigate what happened. With very little clues to work with we finially realized that they were all being attacked through the shadowlands. The area reaked of necromatic magics and this narrowed our list of suspect to those who practice those most foul arts. Proceeding to the next manor house we found more of the same evidence. Yos's haven was trapped with we did not fully trigger the trap and were able to leave. Brock Samson's haven was clean which lead the group to believe that Yos was a target of whatever group was making this play for power. We checked in with our lupine allies and they were not very helpful, and the mages basically said that we cant trust them. Back at Garabaldes a representative of Clan Giovanni who explained what had happened and made it known that Yos was indeed a target and not one that they were just going to ignore. Garabalde made it known that we may have to leave and told us to wrap up our business as quickly as possible. Yos made contact with our loyal mage friend and purchased a magical [[Torc of proof against detection and location]] and arranged for some mis information to confuse or delay the Giovanni from tracking us. (Notes still provided by Yos for now)

June 1, 2010 Forebodings of Doom and the Church of Cain
Session 37

while still under the assumption that we still had enemies actively searching for us we went to the warehouse district to draw them out. While we were pokeing around we noticed that there was a Heavy veil of magic around a deserted which at first we thought it was simply haunted. The Coterie explored the building and worked their way past many nasty traps. These traps would have killed most non vampires that encountered them. We found a cache of master quality weapons from all around the world and a dynamic mosaic of Cain and Abel with Cain holding Adels still bleeding heart. Driven to lick the magical stone the coterie was filled with incredibly potent blood. This made all of us stronger in our blood. We entered a room and found a neverending "mass of Cain" being lead by an ancient blind vampire and a chours of animated(?) women. We learned much about the mythology of the "shrine of cain", and some of it is pretty forboding. After we had left the shrine Yos was overcome by visions of great pain and then the coterie was attacked by two magical beasts that were very powerful. The battle was hard and some members frenzied, but we were victorious (For now, log by Yos)

June 23, 2009 A New Ally
Session 12

The party continues on into the cave, freeing an angel and collecting a bounty in angelic-infused dust, as well as freeing a mage named Nobius from an old warding spell.

July 8 The Mysterious Cave
Session 11

The party begins to explore a cave outside of Lincoln, and discovers a miraculous pool that seems to reverse their vampirism!  More yet to search within…

May 26, 2009 - Lovely New Friends
Session 10

The party gets to know and love the Prince, a Malkavian vampire with a serious identity crisis, and Brock has a fling with the Spanish advanturess Alejandra.  Combat included some peasants and werewolves, but spotty notes means I can use some help.

May 12, 2009 - New Soldiers, New War
Session 9

The party, now divorced from London's intrigue, now calls Lincoln and its werewolf problems home.  Fortunately, silver becomes more than just currency, as they dispatch several angry Garou.

April 28, 2009 - The Night of Incomplete Notes
Session 8

Bishop John missed out this session, but my notes are incomplete.  A little help on this night please?

April 21, 2009 - Two Un-Live Crew
Session 7

Brock and Sir Philip alone confront a host of enemies when left to their own devices.  They discover a cave full of wonders, foreshadowing the kinds of mystical encounters they shall face in the future.

April 14, 2009 - Closing Down the Heretic
Session 6

The party finds not only Hector, but a stash of artifacts under the old church overlooking the sea in Lincoln.  The party faces some tough choices.

March 30, 2009 - Reaping the Rewards
Session 5

The party is acknowledged competent by Mithras (and the party grows to hate the Prince) for their success.  The staked Knight is handed to a favored childe of the Prince for diablerie, and the party is tasked with another special mission, to take down a bothersome preacher called Hector the Heretic.  The party's sole conflict in transit is against some unwise brigands, and the group learns just how superior they are to common mortals as immortal Kindred.


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