Yos' Garou Cloak

A magically-preserved and -imbued cloak made from the hide of a Garou Elder.


-1 level of difficulty to Intimidate a target who is aware of the significance of the cloak.


-1 to difficulty to Frenzy for all Garou who see it.


Once a , may shift into the form of a wolf.




Taken from the Get of Fenris Metis Elder Hammer-of-Gia after a ferocious battle on the Elder's ship ten miles out from the coast of England.  The battle nearly cost the lives of members of the coterie, and Yos decided to commemorate the battle by skinning the Garou (who, as a Metis, kept his Crinos form when he died), with all the scars and brands of lore and renown intact.  Using his own Mortis powers under the guidance of his sire Nicodemus and the assistance of a mage indebted to him, Yos preserved the cloak flawlessly for the ages, and had powers placed into it that even he does not understand yet.  He wears the cloak often, and has gotten into not a few scrapes for it.

Yos' Garou Cloak

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