Yos is a veteran from the very first Crusade. A Cappadocian Kindred, his familiarity with death on a battlefield gives him an interesting insight.


Clan: Cappadocian

Generation: 7

Apparent Age: 30's

Date of Embrace: June 19, 1100 A.D.

Sire: Nicodemus the Scholar













Disciplines: Auspex  , Celerity  , Fortitude  , Mortis  , Potence




Special Gear:


Yos is proud to bear the scars of the first Crusade.  A tall, fit man appearing to be in his thirties, he has an ugly scar running down the side of his face from his eye down his cheek, and he occasionally flinches fromt he phantom pain of a deep wound in his side that he must heal every evening.  Yos served as a city guard of London upon returning home, taking odd jobs here and there to cover expenses.  He made fast friends with other former crusaders, and he became well-known among the martial men of the town.

He was invited to meet a man in the London Abbey, Friar Nicodemus, who was himself wounded but wished to hear of Yos' tales from the Crusades.  Being a pious man, he honored the request, and was mutually charmed by the slight Greek friar, who, apparently crippled and bed-ridden, was widely-travelled, and an excellent conversationalist.  Nicodemus was impressed with Yos' gravity, his experiences with death, both dealt and nearly avoided, and decided to make him his childe.  Blood bonding him with blood mingled in wine was simplicity.  Soon Yos came nightly to visit Nicodemus, and finally, after Nicodemus had made up his mind, he Embraced Yos, marking his as a Cappadocian seven steps removed from Caine.


Yos is the heart and soul of the coterie.  He may not deal as much damage as Brock, or be as influential a talker as Bishop John, but Yos knows so much that is a mystery to all others and generally keeps a level head on his shoulders.  He also is strong to resist temptation, and is suspicious enough to spot warning signs others miss.  When it comes down to it, there is almost no member of the group more consulted for their opinion and know-how than Yos.  In addition to his capable mind, Yos is a gifted fighter, with a solid blend of combat Disciplines and training.


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