Brock Samson

Brock is the muscle of the group, Overwhelmingly powerful, he maintains his humanity in the perfection of his smithing skills.


Name: Brock Samson

Demeanor: Competitor

Clan: Brujah

Generation: 7

STR: 5

DEX: 4

STA: 5

CHA: 3

MAN: 2

APP: 1

PER: 3

INT: 3

WIT: 4

Disciplines: Potence 4, Fortitude 4, Celerity 4, Auspex 2, Presence 1, Protean 1, Thaumaturgy (Path of Blood) 1

Talents: Brawl (Boxing) 4, Alertness 3, Athletics 3, Subterfuge 3, Leadership 2, Intimidation 1, Larceny 1

Skills: Crafts (Armor & Weapons) 5, Melee (Axes & Swords) 5, Survival 2, Stealth 2, Black Powder Guns 1, mAnimal Ken 1, Archery 1, Ride 1

Knowledges: Alchemy 3, Occult 2,  Investigation, Linguistics, Medicine, Politics, Seneschal and Faerie Lore at 1, Magic Lore known

Backgrounds: Mentor 2, Influence 1, Wealth 4, Herd 1, Fame 1

Virtues: Conscience 3, Self-Control 4, Courage 5

Traits: Dark Secret 1, Enemy 2 (Future foe), Blush of Health, Eat Food, Ambidexterity

Humanity: 8

Willpower: 7

Blood Pool: 20

Blood/ Turn 4

Rituals: Defense of the Sacred Haven

Gear: [[Brock's Obsidian Falchion]], Angel Essence-Infused Axe, Spiked Chain, Huge Morning Star, Brass Amulet of Blood Touch, Choker Necklace (Protects Vs. Bites), other mundane treasures

Armor: Leather (Black and cool-looking),  [[Brock's Plate Armor]] (repurposed, but very cool-looking, +4 Soak, -2 DEX)


Brock started his path as a young but very promising smith's apprentice to his father.  He was built like a bear from long hours with the hammer and tongs, which is what caught the eye of his sire.  He was entrusted to go to London from his small village to pick up a shipment of new weapon-steel.  As he went, he was waylaid by Domingo, a Spanish sell-sword bravo used by Mithras, Prince of London for matters requiring violence to resolve.  Domingo was impressed by the build of the young Brock and decided to take him as a kindred sell-sword.  Brock put up a good fight, but succumbed.

Brock was presented before the prince, which had the misfortune of annoying the prince with a rash of new Kindred.  He formed the new, disparate vampires into a coterie tasked with hunting down an annoyance, thinking they may be killed by the Crimson Knight.  What he did not know is that Brock and his new comrades would be welded into a very effective, meddling coterie destined for great things.

 Though Brock's been scarred by his battles, the most distinctive scar is the loss of all his skin from a battle with a Nexus Crawler.  He is incapable of healing new skin, but he made a painful deal with a group of mercenary mages to get a magical skin.  As a result, he can remove his skin and can change it's tone and texture a bit at a thought.

Brock Samson

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