Vampire Through the Ages

March 16 2010 Thanks, Mad Jack thanks alot.

We moved quickly to cordinate all of our allies for the upcoming battle. As we were preparing for the fight we encountered the thankful Mad Jack who insisted on rewarding us for our recient endevors. The reward was an crazy amount of gold on a ship. After Mad Jack left in a hurry, a group of the wee folk looking for their stolen gold showed up. After talking it out we were able to end this without a fight. In fact they decieded to throw us a party that they told us would help us fight the infernalist forces. Using their magics they were able to creating a brew that would work on us. It has been a long time sence the group has been drunk so there was much rejoysing. We ended up parting all night and recieved the blessing of the faries, an enchantment that would help us in the upcoming battle.



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