Vampire Through the Ages

July 8 The Mysterious Cave

Session 11

The party begins to explore a cave outside of Lincoln, and discovers a miraculous pool that seems to reverse their vampirism!  More yet to search within…


My notes we arrived in lincon, We worked on gtting established, the Malk stole our clothing, got a job to retrieve a shroud from the caves near the coast. Malk tried to tagalong, had a encounter with a magical deer and wolf, talked to a lady from the academy of acadiema playing with the sand. Followed a cat like creature into its lair which was the cavern we were lookinf for. found a magical pool that had powerful but temperary magicial effects.

July 8 The Mysterious Cave

My notes from this session. explored tunnell, room with angel, pillar and magic. pillars had a religious bend. freed an angel Makalia. ran into a magical gate of a plyable silvery metal substance. Hall with a really big door knob that we had problems with. cavernous room with a river of silver and a bridge over the chasm. door with an eye above it, 30 skeletons attacked. throwing them into the river worked well. found a trapped wizard, figured out the magics and freed him. Nobius provided some lore on magics. got shroud, road to lincon.

July 8 The Mysterious Cave

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