Vampire Through the Ages

March 30 2010 (the battle begins)

The representative from clan Lasombra, who turned out to be Bishop John Paulson sire, who is a bigger ass than the last time we met with him. But he did provide us with information about the rest of the world and tried to talk his clan out of the upcoming conflict. Garabaldi gave his finial orders for the upcoming battle and told us that some of the normal rules would be relaxed as long as we were victorious. We bagan with a direct frontal assualt with some sucess. After a run in with a group of archers we made our way through a magical doorway and into the shadowlands. The building in the shadowlands was truely horrific. After a brutal fight with a group of hell hounds we learned that if we destroyed the guardians, the ghost of the place would rise up and support us. Our encounter with the ghostly guardians left both Brock Samson and Yos in a bad way. The spirits revolted and greatly disrupted the defences of the Lasombra. We spoke to a lady resident of the shadowlands and she praised us for freeing the ghosts from their prison and gave us a detailed map of the interior of the tower.

March 16 2010 Thanks, Mad Jack thanks alot.

We moved quickly to cordinate all of our allies for the upcoming battle. As we were preparing for the fight we encountered the thankful Mad Jack who insisted on rewarding us for our recient endevors. The reward was an crazy amount of gold on a ship. After Mad Jack left in a hurry, a group of the wee folk looking for their stolen gold showed up. After talking it out we were able to end this without a fight. In fact they decieded to throw us a party that they told us would help us fight the infernalist forces. Using their magics they were able to creating a brew that would work on us. It has been a long time sence the group has been drunk so there was much rejoysing. We ended up parting all night and recieved the blessing of the faries, an enchantment that would help us in the upcoming battle.

March 2, 2010 before the storm

(Now working from more detailed notes so will try to actually do the log) In order to get the proof against the Lasombra we launched a raid against a group of ghouls. Using a well thought out plan we cause a distraction using a swarm of rates summoned by Sir Phillip Avilion of Canterbury to great effect. The raid was brutally effective and the deaths were unpleasent (Yos lost some humanity for his part in the fight, mainly due to the influences of his clan. We acquired the scroll and made our escape before the forces of the holy order arrived. the group passed on the scroll to the nosferatu. Upon returning to garabaldi’s estate we met a new torador (Lady Alis). In private we gave Garabaldi a report on the recient operations. Later Lady Alis provided us with useful information on the Tzimisce. An agent of the Nosferatu arrived at council and rewarded the group for its recient efforts.Among the various rewards was an enchanted blade named ‘bloodhunger’. We learned that the demon needs to make his big sacrafice soon but it was late in the evening and day was fast approaching. Upon waking to the chaos of a fire we quickly learned that a force of ghouls attacked during the day and caused some damages. This did have the positive effect to get the ventrue firmly on our side. We spoke to our other allies and learned that the mages were going to support us with some strong magics that they were preparing. They talked about a rise in the magic in the area. The Garou told use that they had brought in a very large pack of some 27 new lupines a group to clean the corruption, and worm taint. Soon we would make out move and have our finial confrontations with that dam demon.

September 7 - We're Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto (or, Why Not To Drink a Potion From A Grinning Brujah)

Participants: Brock, Darren, Bishop John, Sir Philip

After sheltering from the Umbral surge of Helios in the heavens in the tunnel leading to the Battlegrounds, the group heads up a snowy mountain path, looking out for trouble, with their four remaining Garou companions.  They witness a large group of Garou fighting a massive Wyrm-Dragon on the precipice.  Since the Garou had no Ahroun warriors spoiling for a fight anymore and the Kindred PCs didn't wat to waste precious blood, they watched from a safe distance as the Garou lost many lives but succeeded in damaging the Dragon's wings and knocking it off the mountainside.  The Philodox Carries-Them-Home remarked that the battling Garou were made up of Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords working in perfect teamwork, without any jockeying for renown.

The party made a somewhat perilous descent into a jungle path which grew from the lowland.  Again being cautious, they were following the Theurge Mumble's captured Lune along the path until a flying house dropped out of the sky and crushed Brock.  A young wizard fell gasping out of the door, coming out of a cloud of ochre and purplish smoke.  The group questioned him, and he showed to be cool under the interrogation of stressed-out Kindred and Garou.  He moved the flying house, exposing the crushed remnants of Brock and the blood-soaked ground beneath him.  Using chronomancy, the wizard, Gillam, apprentice to Ambervale,  backed time up to the point just before Brock got crushed, leaving him to only be clipped and sent flying by the house. The Lune seemed obsessed by the house,a nd they determined the house was thepath by which they were meant to continue their quest.

They group asked to be brought to the goal of their quest using the house.  Gillam protested that he didn't know where it was, using the house as he was strictly to get to the Umbral tower of his Order's Master to take the tests that would let him claim to be no longer an apprentice.  The Compass he was using was keyed  to his objective and he wasn't familiar enough with the workings of the house to deviate, but if the group would guard him as they moved deeper into the "Ether" (as he calls it) he would bring him to the Master's Tower where they could undoubtedly learn the location of their search.   The group agreed.  Brock noted with delight the full alchemy lab stocked with magical/alchemical ingredients.  The others noted with mingled concern and interest the multitude of magical items in the room.

As they travelled, Brock got a bit "hands-on" witht he alchemecal ingredients while Gillam steered the house.  Using radical mercury and a few other special ingredients (including his own often-tapped vampiric blood), he brewed an alchemical potion what was designed tostrengthen a Kindred.  Calling up Yos' player out-of-game, he gave permission to Brock to test the potion on Yos.  The potion turned him into a barely-mobile puddle of gore-colored goo.  He was eventually transferred into a (freshly-cleaned) chamber pot with a variety of ladles and spoons.

As the group travelled,

June 15, 2010 All-Star Monster 'Rasslin'
Session 38

The fact that Yos was spending his days with the Nosferatu most likely saved his life as the Giovanni moved against clan Cappadocian. The coterie arrived at Garabaldes to find it in chaos with many missing kindred. The Nosferatu scout arrived with information and the number of missing kindred. We were sent to the Manfreedy estate to investigate what happened. With very little clues to work with we finially realized that they were all being attacked through the shadowlands. The area reaked of necromatic magics and this narrowed our list of suspect to those who practice those most foul arts. Proceeding to the next manor house we found more of the same evidence. Yos's haven was trapped with we did not fully trigger the trap and were able to leave. Brock Samson's haven was clean which lead the group to believe that Yos was a target of whatever group was making this play for power. We checked in with our lupine allies and they were not very helpful, and the mages basically said that we cant trust them. Back at Garabaldes a representative of Clan Giovanni who explained what had happened and made it known that Yos was indeed a target and not one that they were just going to ignore. Garabalde made it known that we may have to leave and told us to wrap up our business as quickly as possible. Yos made contact with our loyal mage friend and purchased a magical [[Torc of proof against detection and location]] and arranged for some mis information to confuse or delay the Giovanni from tracking us. (Notes still provided by Yos for now)

June 1, 2010 Forebodings of Doom and the Church of Cain
Session 37

while still under the assumption that we still had enemies actively searching for us we went to the warehouse district to draw them out. While we were pokeing around we noticed that there was a Heavy veil of magic around a deserted which at first we thought it was simply haunted. The Coterie explored the building and worked their way past many nasty traps. These traps would have killed most non vampires that encountered them. We found a cache of master quality weapons from all around the world and a dynamic mosaic of Cain and Abel with Cain holding Adels still bleeding heart. Driven to lick the magical stone the coterie was filled with incredibly potent blood. This made all of us stronger in our blood. We entered a room and found a neverending "mass of Cain" being lead by an ancient blind vampire and a chours of animated(?) women. We learned much about the mythology of the "shrine of cain", and some of it is pretty forboding. After we had left the shrine Yos was overcome by visions of great pain and then the coterie was attacked by two magical beasts that were very powerful. The battle was hard and some members frenzied, but we were victorious (For now, log by Yos)

June 23, 2009 A New Ally
Session 12

The party continues on into the cave, freeing an angel and collecting a bounty in angelic-infused dust, as well as freeing a mage named Nobius from an old warding spell.

July 8 The Mysterious Cave
Session 11

The party begins to explore a cave outside of Lincoln, and discovers a miraculous pool that seems to reverse their vampirism!  More yet to search within…

May 26, 2009 - Lovely New Friends
Session 10

The party gets to know and love the Prince, a Malkavian vampire with a serious identity crisis, and Brock has a fling with the Spanish advanturess Alejandra.  Combat included some peasants and werewolves, but spotty notes means I can use some help.

May 12, 2009 - New Soldiers, New War
Session 9

The party, now divorced from London's intrigue, now calls Lincoln and its werewolf problems home.  Fortunately, silver becomes more than just currency, as they dispatch several angry Garou.


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