The First Crusade is over.  A new group of vampire Childer have been reborn.  These new vampires face enormous challenges from their newly-awakened unlife, facing mages, demons, men of True Faith, werewolves, minions of the Wyrm and their fellow vampires while battling the Beast within.  Clinging to their fragile Humanity, they try to find a place in the World of Darkness to survive and prosper.


As the Chronicle progresses, the coterie will be a part of some of the greatest events in the history of the World of Darkness.  From the Dark Ages, to the Renaissance, even up to the horrors of the World Wars, the Modern Age and the Near Future, the characters will be rooted in their own histories, shaped by their experiences, and will have earned the right to be real powers unto themselves by the end of the Chronicle.  This is not a story of how badly the Elders can screw you and keep you down (though that has and will still happen), it's a story of how people thrown in a hard situation can bolster their humanity and thrive.  The essential thing about characters in this Chronicle is that they ARE people first, vampires second.


In addition, the power level of this game is HEROIC.  The characters never shied away from developing their combat prowess, and the challenges they face are ones that would drive most mortals mad.  In addition, I have allowed the characters to lower their Generations by dint of experience and survival, not just through diablerie (though that's still on the table, if they decide that they wish to).  This keeps them from feeling like they <u>have</u> to abandon their characters' identities to take advantage of the opportunities for diablerie just to keep up with the challenges.


Needless to say, meeting every other week, this is a chronicle that will be years-long in resolving.  Characters and players have come and gone.  Still, this will be a much-remembered and cherished experience for all who have travelled down this road with me.  Share with us the adventures of Yos, Brock, Sir Philip,Bishop John, Darren and, for a short time, Salim.


Rob Gustafson

Vampire Through the Ages

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